Unless otherwise stated all photos from the header to the photos in the posts were all taken by me. (photos of cameras below not taken by me, found on google)

Cameras used:

C #1) I currently use a Sony Cyber-shot 8.1 DSC-T100 as my main camera. Its actually my mother’s camera but she bought 2 and I haven’t saved enough money yet to buy a new camera. Its a pretty standard point & shoot camera. 

C#2) I also use a Canon Power Shot G2 4.0 which I know is SUPER old but still a decent camera. I’d use it more often except battery life sucks. 

C#3) Whenever A visits I’ll also be using his Kodak Easy Share v1273 that he got earlier this year. Another standard point & shoot but I like its touch screen capability and easy navagation. It’s also super easy to upload photos from there so I tend to use it a lot when he visits.

C#4) On the rare occasion when I get to go home and be with family, I get the pleasure of using a Canon EOS 50D. Its a beautiful camera that I’m still adjusting to. I’m trying to learn all the different settings to get more professional looking shots but because its my father’s camera, I don’t get too much time to play with it.


I try to do as little editing as possible but the occasional touch up might occur with the help of Picasa 3, GIMP 2, Photoshop 7.0 or the editing system linked to Windows Photo Gallery.

 Other photo related info:

I’ll do my best to present the best quality photos that I can but keep in mind that I’m just a beginner at all of this and it will take me a lot of trial and error to develop my skills. At the same time I work very hard to put out the best photos I can so if you’d like to use any of my photos please be kind enough to link back and/or give me photo credit. I really want to try to avoid placing watermarks on my photos.

I am also slowly in the process of saving up enough money to buy an SLR of my own. Unfortunately I’m a full time student who only manages to work during the summer so it may take a while. Anyone care to donate to my SLR fund? :)

Any more questions, feel free to ask!


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