Instead of just writing a long blurb about me, I decided an FAQ format seems more appropriate (an idea I got from another blog). If you have any further questions feel free to ask :)

Basic Info:


I will be simply referred to as J. I’m a 3rd year student at Queen’s university studying in Political Studies. What do I plan to do with this degree afterwards? Your guess is as good as mine. Although politics was one of my original career choices as young girl, my other passions included media arts and culinary arts/hospitality. It is my dream one day to run a buisness that is food related (i.e. restaurant, bakery, ice cream shop..etc) I reside in Kingston, Ontario during the school year but my hometown is Toronto where the food choices are endless. I was born in the Philippines which makes my palate heavily influenced by all things asian. My family loves to cook and nothing beats home cooked meals from my grandparents.

What inspired you to create a food blog?

On my 2009 Thanksgiving holiday, while looking up recipes to cook for the big thanksgiving dinner I came across several food/recipe blogs. I was instantly hooked and realized that I wanted to share my eating adventures with anyone who was willing to read about it. I’m now a full-blown food blog addict and spend at least 1 hour every day just reading other people’s food adventures (my second most favorite way to procrastinate; first – watching a good movie) I’m also hoping that by writing, planning my meals and taking an unnecessary amount of photos before actually eating will keep me food conscious and make me slow down and enjoy the food the way one should.

Where did the name of your blog come from?

ubiquitous is an adjective meaning existing or being everywhere, esp. at the same time; omnipresent:

I discovered that word in my second lecture during my freshman year in university and fell in love with the complexity of it. I even ended up writing a paper on the idea of ubiquitous politics. I don’t even know if the name really makes sense but I like the way it sounds so I’m sticking with it =) If there’s one thing to know about me as a foodie, it’s that my body is constantly craving some sort of food, all the time, anytime and not only one but multiple cravings at one moment. Sadly as a cheap student stuck in Kingston, my options are very limited. I never forget a craving and don’t stop searching for a way to satisfy my hunger until I get the food that I want.  =)

Food/Eating Habits:

I eat anything, everything, whenever I feel like it (ok, that might be a tad bit of an exaggeration, add “almost” to all of that to make it more accurate). I suppose that doesn’t sound very healthy and probably explains why I’m not a size 2 but I love food, plain and simple. That said, I still do believe in the idea of moderation and not being too gluttonous. I also believe that a part of healthy eating is not only the type of food itself but the process it goes through to becoming a meal, hence why I’m making a conscious effort to cut back on as much pre-processed food as possible and stick to home cooked, start from scratch (or as close as possible) fresh food. I’m willing to try just about anything once. I tend to be a purist when it comes to drink though, usually opting for a refreshing glass of water so I’ll have to work on expanding my drink list. I love to cook. I’ve watched the food channel for as long as I could remember and probably spent more time watching that than anything else. I’m a pretty good cook if I say so myself (not too many complaints that I can recall) and I’m in a continual state of learning. Hopefully one day I’ll be good enough to make my own original recipes.

What kind of camera do you use?

Look in my photography equipment page for more details!

Do you have any other blogs?

I try to keep up several different blogs.

  • another food blog that compliments this one relating to featured blogs, food articles, guides, products…etc (Food Variables)
  • a personal blog documenting a variety of events in my life (Tabula Rasa)
  • a blog about what I check out while I procrastinate on blogging and homework. (Unproductive Findings)

Feel free to check them out =)

Just for fun…

My Last Meal: authentic Pad Thai with a side of Szechuan crispy beef. Fresh mango slushy for a drink and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates for dessert. a glutton till the end…yummm.
Fav Ice Cream: anything coffee/mocha flavoured
Signature Dish: Classic French Toast
Weirdest thing ever eaten: Queso (cheese) flavoured ice cream with chunks of cheese. =|

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at :)


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