Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year. I love the music, the traditions, the snow, the shopping…It really is the happiest time of the year for me. I’ve always had really good memories with my family.

A few weeks leading up to the Christmas time, especially since it corresponds with exam time for students, I tend to bake little treats to keep my energy going, give me something sweet to munch and put me in the Christmas mood. Baking cupcakes is always a quick fix and I happily decorate them in the holiday spirit.


it’s pretty basic and simple. Get yourself a cake box mix or use your favourite recipe. Top it off with homemade or store-bought icing and decorate as you will. It’s a great treat to do even closer to Christmas day as it is a fun activity to get others involved (relatives, children) An alternative for gingerbread men or houses since those might be a little more costly to buy or harder to make.

These were a simple white cake mix (probably french vanilla). I bought the icing and had christmas inspired red green and white sprinkles plus white chocolate chips to garnish.

My twist on the cupcake came with what was inside…

So as you can see from the inside of the cupcakes, they’re multicoloured to resemble the sprinkles that are on top. This is done by simply separating the batter into 3 batches, colouring each batch to the desired colour and then spooning each layer into the cupcake liner. I also experimented and used Nutella as a frosting for some of the cupcakes. They were incredibly sweet but the friends who tried it, told me that they totally preferred it (with a glass of milk on the side lol) They turned out really well and were so cute!

On another occasion I made a simpler version but still in the holiday spirit. I used once again a box cake mix ( I believe this one was some sort of chocolate fudge flavour). I iced it with French vanilla frosting and I had some fresh raspberries on hand that I thought would look so cute sitting on top.

Last but not least was my super cupcake event. I had a whole bunch of candies and goodies laying around so I decided to bake some cupcakes just because and make a decorating event out of it. Crushing cherry candy canes and using it decor for the cupcakes was such a good idea. With the leftover raspberries from the previous cupcake endeavour I flavour a batch of icing with the juice of the raspberries and it came out beautifully. Definitely a fun treat to put yourself in the holiday spirits.

I hope holiday preparations are underway for you and as always, Happy Eating! :)