I cannot believe that merely a year ago I started my blogging journey with the creation of this food blog. Inspired by Thanksgiving cooking and the many other food blogs  I came across, I created this to share my cooking experiences both in my kitchen as well as out in the world. Since then, I’ve enjoyed pockets of my own defined ‘success’ and have enjoyed every minute of this.

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Whether this if your first time stopping by or you’re a continued reader, I thank you for your time. I appreciate your efforts to drop by, have a read and hopefully enjoy what I have to say. I’ve heard from many lovely people in the past year, been exposed to many new opportunities and discovered two big passions of mine in life; food and writing. It is through this particular experience that I have pursued further writing opportunities  and hope someday that more success will follow. It surprises me every day as my readership continues to grow that anyone comes here at all. I remember the days when even having 5 people (which I assumed were just family or friends) come by my page gave me so much joy. Now, my posts featured on other sites, people trying my recipes or asking me cooking advice, taking my restaurant reviews into consideration and belonging to an amazing food blogging community are even bigger joys that have been added to my life because of this opportunity.

Funding hasn’t always come easy. I’ve been fortunate to have supportive friends and family who have chipped in when they can. I want to continue to enforce the concept that I do this purely out of love for the craft. I always question whether adding ads or sponsored posts would be appropriate and beneficial to me but I don’t want to detract from the focus of my blog which is the food and my writing. I want to thank those who have contributed financially, whether buying me my domain, cookbooks, tools or the ingredients to make the food or trips to favourite restaurants. Without you loving people, I certainly wouldn’t have a site.

Unfortunately due to the expansion of my writing endeavours and the normal stresses of life, I’ve come to neglect this blog a bit but I promise that in due time I will return to my original love with full force. There’s many yummy features to come in the near future.

In the meantime I wanted to mark the top 3 posts of the last year.

1. Nutella Stuffed French Toast

This post is where most of my readership comes from. Directed from the world nutella day page which someone kindly submitted me for, I’ve received a lot of great feedback for this recipe. This is probably one of the things I’ve cooked the most in the past few years and a definite favourite of mine. It’s simple and delicious.

2. Rainforest Cafe Review

I was initially surprised at the success of this post. I guess a lot of people are interested in knowing what the quality of service and food there is at the Rainforest. I don’t blame them considering the amount of money you might inevitably be spending at this place. I hope it has been useful to many and that I captured the restaurant accurately.

3. Rainbow Birthday Cake

Probably my personal favourite post of the past year, this too has found its own popularity. Often stumbled upon by those looking for birthday cakes for kids, this fun cake is great for all ages. Marking my leave from the teenage years, I was inspired to create this cute cake for my birthday and it seems like everyone enjoyed the idea also.

I simply cannot express the gratitude and joy that I have for everyone who supports this and any of my other blogging adventures. I cannot wait to see what a new year will bring especially as I continue to work on my dedication and blog post quality. Please continue to support me and visit by often. I promise to keep this adventure going.

As always, Happy Eating! :)