Now I know this is not anything gourmet and I’m not about to blog about some unique twist or original take on traditional hamburger helper. I’m here to simply blog about the experience of it. Now I don’t want to assume or generalize too much but based on what I’ve been told by friends, family and society and what I’ve seen via the media, I don’t think it would be too far a stretch to say that food staples such as hamburger helper and mac & cheese are the iconic food of university students and many Americans as they grew up. I never had these things.

In my childhood I had no kraft mac and cheese, no hamburger helper, no chef boyardee or riceroni. I’ve eaten the first one about two times in my life, and I’ve yet to experience the last two. I often talk to people and they describe how there was a time in their life, generally childhood or college years where such things were staples in the household. I was convinced by a friend of mine that I just had to try one of them and I settled on hamburger helper. Growing up I had seen the commercials for it and it always look simple and delicious. Now that I’m more food conscious, I’m highly aware of the ingredients and nutrition of something processed such as this but I did want to give it a chance; and so I did.

When I first got to the store and reviewed all the flavour choices, I was confronted with quite the dilemma. How does one decide what possibly might taste good? In the end I choose the Cheesy Shells flavour just because it seemed like the most appetizing. I followed the simple instructions and voila! hamburger helper, my very first taste!

Looks pretty yummy, at least I think so. It’s warm and hearty, quick and easy which I believe is the whole concept behind these packaged meals. Again when you take nutrition into account, this isn’t the healthiest meal especially when it comes to sodium levels. Depending upon how much meat you purchase, you can get a good number of servings from one package which has been helpful for me. Would it be something I eat regularly? certainly not, but something to have once in a while simply because of the simplicity behind it.

I enjoyed my little visit into the culinary unknown, at least unknown to me. I just wanted to share that little bit with you. If you haven’t tried it yourself, you should and let me know what you think. Happy eating! :)