I often get sushi cravings considering there isn’t a multitude of good places to go in Kingston which is real shame. So when I manage to make the trip back to Toronto I instantly think of certain foods in hopes of satisfying my cravings until I finally come home for the summer. I have a definite fav place to go for my sushi craving which is out in Whitby (Sushi Mountain, yum!) but I’m always open to new suggestions especially ones closer to where I live. A friend of mine, J suggested heading to a place in Markham for All U Can Eat and I was happy to accompany. I had limited amounts of time to spend so we decided to go for lunch.

I had come to this specific plaza several times to visit other surrounding places but had never noticed the Japanese sushi place on the side. J often came here with friends for crazy feasts from what he described. I was certainly eager to see what they had and definitely hungry.

We were fortunate to come just before a major rush so overall service wasn’t too bad in the beginning. We were immediately greeted and showed to a table. We were given a menu that had quite the variety of foods. There are two sides to the menu so lots of choices. We immediately ordered a whole bunch of dishes because we were starving. Because this trip of mine happened a while back, I don’t remember exactly what everything is. If you can tell what it is or have eaten it yourself, let me know :) I also apologize for the horrible lighting and picture quality. The lighting there was kind of horrible and I should have gotten a table by the window. We were also so hungry, I’m lucky I remembered to take pictures in the first place. J is also super impatient and a monster at eating. You’ve got seconds before he gobbles everything up lol

I love temaki (hand rolls)  so I always get a crispy spicy salmon temaki (or salmon skin temaki) From what I remember, they weren’t too bad. The sauce wasn’t too heavy on the mayo. There was a good amount of salmon despite what might appear in the photo and overall a yummy bite.

Sashimi tends to be more of a dinner option at most all you can eat places which is what I typically opt for in order not to get full on rice. Instead of sushi we ordered several types of nigiri throughout the night, the favourite being salmon. The portions in other places that I know of are bigger but the salmon wasn’t too bad. Overall the nigiri wasn’t anything spectacular.

We ordered shrimp tempura, another classic of all you can eat places. I remember that it took an exceptionally long time for them to get it to us. We had to follow up several times to ensure that our order was still coming. When it did finally come, at least it was hot. There wasn’t anything special about it. Onto the next dish….

This is something that I never eat. I don’t even remember what it’s called exactly. I just remember it being squid. I was convinced by J to try it since he pretty much eats everything on the menu. It didn’t taste too bad but squid just typically isn’t my thing. It wasn’t too chewy or tough meaning it was cooked just right.

We ordered teriyaki salmon. This was the best thing that lunch that I remember. The salmon was so juicy and flaky. It melted in your mouth. It wasn’t salty as some teriyaki seasonings can be. The portion was a little small but there’s always the option to get more so I suppose it’s not too bad. I think we order this at least once more.

These were some  of the sushi we got: soft shell crab, dynamite, salmon. Note the good ratio between rice and filling. Not bad in taste either. Of everything, this came the fastest. The flavours weren’t anything spectacular but it was pretty good at the time of my craving.

These are the prices according to the menu. It’s cheaper when you pay with cash as opposed to debit or credit. They had some difficulties when I tried to pay with debit and not all the servers spoke english which made for a bit of a struggle. Server experience was acceptable. I’ve read from other reviews that it is a hit and miss. Depending on the time you go and how many people there are in the restaurant things can get kind of hectic. They were short-staffed for a little while which accounted for the delays in food service mid-way through our meal.

Overall, my experience at Akina was acceptably enjoyable. It’s really hard to measure up to my favourite sushi place and I probably won’t be returning because there’s many other places like Akina out in Toronto worth giving a shot. It helped to quiet down my sushi craving but didn’t fully satisfy it. I suggest you go for yourself. The place has its high points such as variety and good rice  to filling ratio but you take the risk with service and ambiance.

1661 Denison Street
Markham, ON L3R 6E5
(905) 513-7831
No website

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