Exams aren’t exactly over but I have much more time to get back on track with blogging. So he’s my attempt and bringing things back to normal. I read an interesting blog a while ago discussing the pros and cons to taking photos of food in restaurants and if it was deemed appropriate. I also got a message from a friend last night asking the same thing. His question was basically, do I ask restaurants if I can review them and if I can take photos or do it all discreetly?

Unfortunately I don’t have the link to the article anymore which is shame since it was well written and really discussed the pros and cons and shed light on things that I didn’t think about before. However, from my point of view my answer would be that I do it all discretely. I by no means am a professional but at the same time I know what I like and what’s fairly good. My family eats out a lot and travels quite a bit so my concept of good food isn’t limited to one type of food or one area.

I find reviews to be really helpful. My parents have gone by them and have opened us up to lots of culinary experiences. Nothing beats classic advertising like word of mouth. I read a lot of reviews not necessarily looking for which ones to avoid but more so, trying to look for what foods that can’t be missed. As for my own reviews, I try not to slander restaurants or their food and I encourage everyone to go there at least once to form their own opinion. I also try to return more than once to ensure that I can stand by what I say. I review even the food that I make at home, making note of what was good and what should be changed the next time I make it.

As for photos, I’ve been taking photos of food at restaurants far longer than I can remember. I think of it more as a commemoration of the meal, regardless of whether it was good or bad. I’ve paid for the food, made the effort to come to the restaurant to experience what they have to offer and I feel like I have every right to take photos. Of course there are limits. I definitely do not encourage anyone to use flash as that disrupts the atmosphere (although I do use it when taking family photos at restaurants but to me that’s something different). I own a simple point & shoot camera so taking it out, snapping a few photos and then eating has never been a big problem or all that noticable. For those who have SLRs, I guess you’d have to make that call. My father brings it out when we travel but then again, we are travelling. But as long as you keep it discreet, then there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

And finally, if a place asks you not to photograph them then, don’t. Respect their wishes and don’t put in your review that their wouldn’t let you photograph their food. They have their reasons and you shouldn’t try to go against that.

 Overall, take my reviews for what they present. I’m not out to hate on any restaurant and I keep all of the photos to just remind me of my experience. If anyone has a problem with what I’ve posted, then let me know ans we can discuss it. I’m just a young student. Don’t take my word as the final say. Happy eating! :)