Time again for some random meals. I don’t remember when I made these but I wanted to record them. First up is Korean BBQ.  Beef short ribs often go on sale and I decided to buy some. There isn’t a Korean BBQ place here in Kingston unfortunately (if a good one opened up, I would definitely be there often) so I miss the taste of it. When I came home I realized that I didn’t buy the typical BBQ marinade. I improvised by using soy sauce, black pepper, salt, chili oil and LOTS of garlic. I marinated it overnight and then pan-fried it since I didn’t have a grill. It turned out really well. The meat was well seasoned, tasty and infused the garlic flavour. I definitely prefer grill method but this’ll do. I’ll have to make it again sometime.

I unfortunately don’t have a finalized photo as I was so hungry, I forgot all about photos. I remember that I ate this with rice and some steamed vegetables since I needed something to but the fattiness from this meat.

Next up is homemade temaki (aka hand rolls) with egg and shrimp. I had a craving for the flavour of seaweed so I decided to make some sushi at home. I used carrots and cucumber to accompany and use as fillers. I choose to do temaki because my last attempt at maki turned out really bad so temaki would be simpler. It doesn’t have the greatest flavour but it did the trick that night.



The final meal is from my adventure to the AGO. The AGO featured the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit which was on display for a very limited time. I come from a religious family and this exhibit meant a lot to them to see. While at the AGO we obviously got hungry. I had brought some sandwiches and we bought a personal pizza. My sandwich was delicious. It was a toasted whole wheat toast filled with cream cheese, red onions, smoked salmon, and baby spinach. The pizza was a regular pepperoni pizza but it was thin, crispy and not too oily. I’ve heard good things about the food at the AGO so I shall return again for a more complete culinary experience.