I had a friend come into town the weekend following my birthday to come celebrate with myself and friends. He had a craving for sushi and since we had all just woken up from a long night of partying the previous night, no one was in the mood to get dressed and go out so we opted for delivery. He asked me where was the best place to get sushi in Kingston and sadly I couldn’t suggest anything since my search for the best sushi in town was just beginning. I presented him with as many take out menus I could for sushi and upon much deliberation, we decided to go with Sakura. After debating further what we should order he opted for the complete dinner #19. Nara ($14.95)which included: California roll, strip loin steak, shrimp & vegetable tempura, dessert, steamed rice.  Since Sakura features free delivery for my area if I ordered more than $25 before tax, I decided to order Sushi Set A # 75 ($13.99) which included: 8pcs – Salmon, Tuna, Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon & 1 Salmon skin Handroll.

The food was delivered at the time they predicted 30-45 mins. I don’t know how standard that is for delivery time. At the time I lived near the Kingston centre so its one straight drive on bath rd to reach my apartment but in any case, I didn’t notice it too much as I was preoccupied with other things.

I didn’t do a review on my friend’s food since he pretty much inhaled it the second it arrived. It seemed like a substantial amount of food, at least it would have been for me so quantity for price seemed right. My meal included miso soup along with the sushi.  


The miso soup was actually pretty delicious. It was just a tad salty but passable. The tofu pieces found at the bottom was firm but silky. I don’t normally eat miso soup as I find it normally lacking in flavour or too salty or muddy but this was completely opposite of that.

This was my sushi set which included everything as previously described. Both the regular tuna and salmon were decent. Nothing too remarkable. The spicy salmon and tuna were not what I had expected. I had anticipated more of a roll. Their flavours were unremarkable as well. There wasn’t very much for spiciness. The spicy salmon and the tuna also tasted so similar, I couldn’t tell any difference. The nori around the hand-roll was a little soft from transportation and fell apart a bit while eating. The salmon skin inside wasn’t crispy, again probably due to transportation.

Once again nothing truly satisfying from Sakura. All passable if you’re just looking for a different meal. Best thing about it was the low minimum balance required for free delivery as most places require a $30-40 minimum and their delivery zone is rather large.

Sakura should be experienced once but I don’t know how many more times after.  

Sakura Japanese Restaurant
1350 Bath Rd., Kingston. ON

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