My birthday falls just 3 days after my mother’s so normally I go home to visit for a weekend to celebrate both our birthdays. It’s been a while since we last held a birthday party for us since we’re getting older and prefer a more intimate celebration. This year however we decided to have a lunch with some close family friends to celebrate my arrival into my 20s. It ended up being a huge feast. One of the main dishes that my mother and father requested was a Prime Rib Roast. Now I’m just starting to learn the art of cooking larger meats but since I had managed with the Pot Roast for Thanksgiving and the Braised Beef on my own, I decided to give this a try as well.

I proceeded to search the web for various recipes and cooking techniques for Rib Roast and after discovering a few, I decided I wanted to go with a mustard/garlic crust.

As you can see from the first photo, I took seasonings like dried basil, italiano, fresh chopped garlic, dried rosemary, black pepper,  salt, lemon grass powder, grapeseed oil and grainy mustard. I was heavier on the mustard and garlic as those were the flavours I was aiming for the most. As for quantities, I have no idea (hehe). I cook how I feel. So I added amounts that I thought would taste good until it got to a consistency that I felt was best to rub on the roast. It’s very hit and miss, I know. I also peeled whole garlic cloves.

Anyways, I prepped the meat by washing it, drying it with paper towel and then making small but fairly deep incisions into the meat with a small paring knife on both sides of the meat. I then inserted the whole cloves into the holes so to infuse even more garlic flavour into the meat itself. I then put the rub all over the meat.

It was left overnight to marinate in the rub and also for the fact that I did this at 11:30 at night and there was no way we were cooking it then. My parents woke up early to cook the meat before church so that it could rest while we were out and be perfect to eat by the time we got back. I don’t honestly remember the instructions that I gave them. I based it off a site I found on google with regards to tips & techniques to cooking Prime Rib. I forgot a few key things but managed to wake up in time to help them out before things were ruined.

My mother also wanted tons of vegetables roasted along with the prime rib so near the end of its cooking time, we added them.

The vegetables consisted of potatoes, onions, carrots, red and green peppers and mushrooms. They were all coated with grapeseed oil and seasoned with black pepper, salt, basil and rosemary.

Final Product:

It was actually cooked to perfection. A nice shade of pink on the inside, well seasoned and the inserted garlic really did the trick. The vegetables turned out great too, very flavourful but still had a bite to them. Everyone seemed to enjoy it which was interesting to see since it was the first time anyone had cooked it for our circle of friends.  It was nice learning something new and expanding my cooking repertoire