For my 20th birthday I spent time trying to think what I could do that was silly and fun to commemorate the fact that I was growing up, leaving teenage/childhood years behind and moving to the adult woman phase.

photo found on google

After being inspired by the above cake, I decided that I wanted one just like it for my 20th birthday. It was colourful and fun. I haven’t baked a cake in a long time, especially one from scratch and since I knew making all the layers and colouring it would take a long time, I didn’t want to add in my own hassles of trying to make it from scratch hence the help of boxed mixes :)

I bought french vanilla mix because it was the only white cake boxed mix I could find, the food colouring I had on hand, french vanilla frosting and vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles. And although it turned out very tasty, I want to attempt making it from scratch next time (and trust me there will be a next time).  For the boxed mix all you do is add eggs, milk and oil and colour it according the colouring instructions on the back of the food colour box although I multiplied the amounts of drops to intensify the colours.

I only had 1 baking pan and 2 bowls so I was forced to make one batch, colour it one portion at a time and bake it before moving on to the next colour. Hence, it took me and A literally ALL day to make. I will definitely have more supplies next time around. We took one box and split it into 3. We had originally only wanted to split it into two but I was determined to have as many colours/layers as in the inspiration photo. The colours were (bottom layer to top): pale purple, baby blue, neon green, vibrant yellow, warm orange and super bright red.

I then frosted each top layer with the vanilla frosting and the top and sides with the rainbow sprinkles frosting. I had thought while I was spreading it that it wouldn’t be enough (I was under the impression that it should look something like a full buttercream frosting) but it ended being just right since it would have been sweetness overkill.

I took the above photo to try and help give a better sense of how incredibly tall this cake was. But that’s expected with 6 layers. We finally finished the cake at around midnight. A ate the first slice at 3 am because although he tried to wait for a more appropriate time, he just couldn’t wait any longer. And since he was kind enough to make it with me, I figured he deserved it. The next day I took a photoshoot of it before any more got eaten. I ended up saving a huge slice for my father who begged for me to send it to him which I did. He hogged it to himself and no one else at home got it and now I’ve been requested to make it again.

Final product:


It was lots of fun to make and although there are lots of steps, they are simple and easy to follow. It’s very appealing to the eye and makes for a great birthday cake. It is a tad sweet so be sure not to eat too much. I’m hoping to make it again in the near future. I love the idea of coloured cakes. I think it’s really exciting to cut into it and see the designs. I also heard about the checkered cake effect that I want to try out in the future. The cake didn’t turn out the same as the photo but I know how to cook it to make it look just like that. In the end, the browning of the outsides didn’t really matter since it was all covered in icing and it helped to define the layers better. This cake was certainly one of the main highlights of my birthday!