Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs/articles on the delightful dessert, macarons. No, not the coconut base macaroons, the french pastry macarons. They’re so beautiful, cute and from what I read, really delicious. I’ve been in search for a place in Toronto that does them as I highly doubt that anyone in Kingston is baking them up (anyone care to prove me wrong?).  I’ve read many mixed reviews, some praising certain shops in Toronto while others suggesting that the search continue elsewhere. Many of those who are against what can be found in Toronto are opposed because they state that the ones done in France are much better. well no duh?! But unfortunately a trip to Paris is not exactly on my upcoming list so I’ll have to settle for what’s close by.

Now you can’t exactly crave what you’ve never tasted so I can’t normally describe it but I have a feeling that I’ll like them, no love them and my foreign craving is taking me to the streets of downtown in search of macarons, good or bad (how would I even know the difference, I’ve never tasted them!) I’m rather excited and have place my food spending on hold the last 2 weeks just to prep myself for what’s to come because I have a distinct feeling I’m going to need to spend a little extra to bring some home.

I blame it all on this blog whose extensive tasting has made me crave one for myself. I can’t wait for sat.