Whenever I get a chance to visit home I make sure to stop off at an asian supermarket to stock up on asian goodies to bring back to Kingston. I love the intense aromas of spices, fresh meats, fish and fruits and vegetables when you walk into the store. There so many different kinds of colour packaging and products that come worldwide. It’s always interesting to see the variety. My family primarily goes to T&T and Oriental in Scarborough for our asian grocery needs. I remember taking a few pictures while stocking up just because everything looked so beautiful. It was a rather rushed grocery trip so I couldn’t get more.

Beside T&T there is a Vietnamese sandwich shop. My dad had a craving for a sandwich and since the rest of my family was too lazy to make an alternative dinner we decided to eat the same thing as him. I love those Vietnamese sandwiches aka Bánh mì. It’s a baguette with pate, butter and/or mayo spread on the inside and filled with pickled carrots & daikon, fresh cucumbers, cilantro, and various meats or tofu. For those who want a little kick, peppers can be added as well.  Not only are they delicious, they’re fairly inexpensive and served up quick to your specifications. In the past, when the store first opened, my family would buy all the ingredients in larger amounts, bring it home and make it ourselves. Now, we just get a few sandwiches every time we have a craving.

The store that I go to is at:

5661 Steeles Ave E. Unit 1

although they have another location in Chinatown in downtown Toronto.