Aromaz is located in the building at the back of the Price Choppers in Scarborough. It is my family’s go-to bakery for our all-time favourite cake. If I could have this someday as my wedding cake, I would do it for sure. Aromaz features many chinese buns and breads that you would typically find in other asian bakeries. They have logs, tarts, and cookies along with all the savoury food.

The real show stoppers are their cakes and other desserts featured in their display case. There’s so many to choose from and they’re all beautifully decorated with glazed fruit, icing and chocolate shavings.

As you can see, the varieties are  numerous. Most of them include fruit both on top and inside and a lot of the cakes are mousse cakes but there’s a little something of everything. Their presentation is so clean and beautiful. The last photo features mango cakes. The one with the peaches on top…that’s the one my mother and I choose to have for our birthday cake. It’s a white chocolate mango cake and it is amazing! What makes it so good is that it’s not overly sweet, the mangos balance perfectly with the cake. The icing and the white chocolate shavings on the outside are a treat. It’s very light but still very filling. They personalize the cake by adding a greeting no charge. They write it on a chocolate circle. I think we’ve come across some other places that have a similar cake but we like it best here. There’s also a food court and a great chinese restaurant inside the plaza if you’re hungry.

2301 Brimley Rd
416 321 3232
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