I typically go grocery shopping about once every 2 weeks to a month. Whenever A visits its it bumps up to once every 7 days of A’s visit. I shop at Loblaws. Is it the cheapest? Probably not. Is it is the most expensive? Nope. I shop there because it’s the most accessible and reasonably priced considering some others. I live closer now to Food Basics so I might end up going there. Each has their pros and cons. I just wanted to show what a typical day of grocery shopping amounts to.

I suppose it doesn’t look that much but trust me it is and costs a pretty penny.

I discovered on one og our grocery shopping visits that A is a huge fan of berries, especially raspberries. He’s not really a fruit and vegetable kind of guy so this new info took me back. We bought both raspberries and blackberries. I’ve developed a new love for raspberries. I’ve had very tart ones in the past so I turned my back on it until recently when I went home and gorged on them as soon as I arrived. I’ve definitely been more willing to eat them now. We had them for snack one afternoon. I added some cherry jello just for a different texture.

very yummy, very fresh, very simple :)