Another dim sum night with seaweed salad and a homemade sushi roll. Definitely a yummy combination. The roll was filled with shrimp and seaweed salad. The rice wasn’t the best in the way it was seasoned so it didn’t hold up as much as one would want but still yummy.

Montreal Smoked Meat is one of my favourite meats out there. My family has often gone out of our way to make a trip to Montreal to visit the famous Schwartz deli for a taste. For those who aren’t able to make the trip and who don’t live in the area, you can purchase a frozen version from Costco. The meat is packaged in portions and can be microwaved or boiled in the packaging. It’s convenient and pretty delicious. I decided to heat some up and put it into a pita. Instead of the usual mustard that some people opt for I used a wasabi ginger concoction that I bought at a specialty shop. I had first tasted the sauce at a shopping mall where a company had a booth set up and free samples. I tasted it and love it but for one reason or another didn’t purchase it. Luckily, a week later my family headed up to Niagara-on-the-lake where a specialty food store there was selling it. After a nice sales lady located the jar for me, she asked me what I was planning to use it for. I told her I had no idea but that it tasted too good not to buy and now I have a use for it. I was a little over zealous and added a little more than I was able to handle. It ended up being pretty spicy but the beauty of wasabi is that its a spice that doesn’t linger. It punches you hard and then disappears. A very yummy sandwich.

Pocky often goes on sale on the many asian supermarkets near my home in Toronto. My mother often buys them as they make for good snacks. I’m most fond of the strawberry flavour but I won’t oppose to the other kinds. We usually stock up on them and bring them as a side snack in the event that we’re out and a little hungry. I’d take these over chips any day as my go-to snack.