The first stop after A arrived was a trip to the asian buffet at the Kingston Centre. Personally I’m not a fan of buffets and back home in Toronto, I never never never go to buffets. It’s just not a dining experience that my family is fond of. We find that more authentic asian food is found when you dine at other restaurants as opposed to trying to get it all at one shot at a buffet. That’s not to say that buffets can’t be good for what they are and I’ve gone to a few in the past that I would have no objection to returning to. There are just far more restaurants that rank higher on the must-visit list before those buffets.

A and I have been to the PGB numerous times in the past due to the simple concept to buffet dining. He’s a rather picky eater and this allows him to get what he want, as much as he wants which trust me, he takes full advantage of. He’s always the one to suggest to go and I happily oblige just for him. Choices are pretty standard with things like sweet and sour pork, chicken balls, fried rice, general tso’s chicken..etc. They also have a variety of ‘sushi’ but I urge those who try it to err to the side of caution as one never really knows how long its been out. The also have American/Canadian  style food such as french fries and ribs…etc. They switch up the alternative asian foods from things like pad thai, curries..etc. And they change things up between lunch and dinner so not everything stays the same.

We often go to the lunch because a) its cheaper b) has more of my favourite foods and c) usually after we wake up at noon (lol) it’s a fast way to get lots of food quick. My personal faves are the breaded shrimp. Their breading tastes good and I would happily eat huge amounts of but of course it is fried so I try to limit myself best that I can. It’s a tad oily but what can you expect from deep friend breaded shrimp. I like their pad thai whenever they serve it. In comparison to some other thai restaurants in Kingston, it’s not half bad. Not authentic but not the worst knock-off I’ve ever tasted. I also get the stir steamed vegetables and cooked bean sprouts just to ease my guilt a little about all the food, not like those are necessarily healthy either. Like I said, I stay away from the sushi but if I see them making it fresh, I eat the shrimp just for something different. Their Chocolate Caramel Surprise ice cream is my absolute fav. I could happily eat several bowlfuls of that ice cream.

When it comes to service I don’t have too many expectations. They nicely greet you at the door. Depending on space and business, they give you  a choice of where to sit. Immediately they ask you what you want to drink and you’re on your own from there. They do a fairly good job of going around to refill drinks and pick up empty plates and give you the bill when they’re aware that you’re on to dessert but never rush you out the door. They have one of the nicest bathroom facilities I’ve seen especially for an asian establishment which back in Toronto, don’t do very well in their upkeep of public facilities, so that is definitely appreciated.

I don’t know the exact pricing. You do have to keep in mind that it is an all-you-can-eat establishment so go when you’re really in need for a stuffing. They also do take-out and delivery (with a fairly extensive free delivery zone) for fixed priced meals. So if you’re interested in a chinese buffet, make a stop at PGB.

1036 Princess St, Kingston
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