When I first moved into my apartment, I had about a week to readjust my life. I had to figure out what buses to take to get me to campus, to the stores, to my favourite restaurants…etc. My grandmother is always kind enough to cook me anything on request to bring back to Kingston. This way I get some semblance of home cooked meals.  I requested one of my favourites, Giniling na Baboy. Baboy is pork in Taglog but you could easily substitute it for any ground meat. The meat is sautéed with bright coloured vegetables like potatoes, carrots, red bell peppers and green peas in a rich tomato sauce. Although fairly simple to cook, it does require some extensive prep work since the vegetables must be in uniform sizes.

Translated over to American cooking, its similar to something like shepherd’s pie but without the mashed potato topping. I love shepherd’s pie which is probably as a result of eating giniling.  I don’t think I could really choose between the two. They each have different flavours and tastes but both equally delicious when prepared right. My Grandmother forgot to add peas to the giniling which is usually a must-have for me for the colour appeal and the little pop you get from biting into them. Instead though, she substituted it with chick peas since she knew those were a fav of mine. It added a different flavour and I certainly enjoyed it so if you like chick peas I’d consider adding it next time to giniling or shepherd’s pie for a change in texture. I also added more cheese because I like the gooey flavour it gives. I classed up by presenting it on a white plate with some fresh red onions and white rice. I have no idea how to make it like my grandmother but I’m sure there are plenty of recipes out there that would be comparable to hers. Here’s some food porn for you :)