I’m a big fan of dim sum and when most people are out having brunch eating eggs, bacon and toast, my family goes out to have dim sum. There’s many wonderful places to go get some in Toronto. Unfortunately I haven’t found that here in Kingston :( so I’m forced to buy the frozen kind and transport it back to Kingston. I buy my dim sum at a store called Oriental in Scarborough as they have a decent variety and reasonably priced. It’s sometimes difficult to find frozen dim sum of decent quality without the MSG. I normally only get the Har Gau and Shao mai but this time I got two other types. It was quite the task trying to steam it as I didn’t have a steamer so I had  to improvise. Did it work out well? Ehhh, it did the trick but I won’t be doing it again.

Along side the dim sum, I cooked up a bowl of vermicelli with some pad thai sauce that I had laying around. I cooked with some shrimp, onions and crushed peanuts. From what I remember it tasted pretty good. I don’t think I finished it all at once because it is a lot of food but very statisfying for my asian craving at the time.