My apartment is freezing and I haven’t gone grocery shopping in ages. I’ve done well thus far but I’m really due to buy some fresh food soon, especially more vegetables. What I could really go for right now (and I’ve been craving it all day) is a warm bowl of minestrone soup. I’ve probably had a homemade version once and probably liked it but since I’m not prepared to make it from scratch just to satisfy a craving, the packaged kind will do. Its been a long while since I warmed some up and every time I do, my sister sneaks into the kitchen and pours herself a big bowlful without me noticing (ahh, the many perks of siblings).

I like the truly hearty kinds with big chunks of vegetables, beans and pasta. Soup with some crusty warm bread…mmmmm. I can just feel the warmth of it now. I believe it’s fairly healthy for you too as long as it’s not too high in sodium. Now I’m not the biggest fan of soups as I often feel like they’re not satisfying enough but cold days just scream out for soup.

Definitely going to need to put that on my to-buy list esp with the cold creeping in.